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Gold, Investment and Fundraising, Crypto-currencies and Real Estate but also Oil and Commodities. So many areas in which our company can provide you with help and advice. With 15 years of experience, FCube Solutions’ staff guarantees you the best solution to your request.

Fcube Solutions is the right connection in the business world.

It is easier to break an atom than to break a prejudgement.
Albert Einstein.

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Real Estate in 2022

Real Estate in 2022

Real estate in 2022 - How to valorize it Whether it is an apartment, a house, a hotel, a mall, a business center, ... all real estate has a value and can be used to finance other projects. Real estate in 2022 - How to valorize it Of course, this type of property is certainly already exploited: a hotel, a business center, a shopping mall are all examples of real estate that can generate an operating income. A luxury villa can also be made profitable by seasonal rentals such as Air BNB or other...

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Trading program on MTN in 2021

Trading program on MTN in 2021

Focus on a trading program on MTN in 2021 Considering that top major banks issue Medium Term Notes (known as MTNs and Mid-Term Notes) to raise funds in both U.S. and Euro dollars, we can better understand that they are for the purpose of generating Operating Loans and issuing Letters of Credit to businesses which wish to buy material and products from other business organizations in other countries. To further expand on this in laymen terms, this therefore results in an International Treaty...

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Cryptocurrency 2021 An evolving market

Cryptocurrency 2021 An evolving market

Cryptocurrency 2021 An evolving market Bitcoin was first introduced in a 2009 white paper, Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.  Since then, cryptocurrencies, also known as virtual or digital currencies, have exploded, with thousands of different types in circulation, achieving a $2T market cap in early 2021, and with the number of blockchain wallet users rising to more than 70 million as of May 2021. Cryptocurrency 2021 An evolving market However, the blockchain concept, which...

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Who are we?

Our main areas of expertise: Commodity Gold Oil Investment Fundraising Cryptocurrency

FCube Solutions, created in 2021, is the pooling of the skills of senior international consultants, each of whom has been working in their own field of expertise for over 15 years.

As a result, FCube Solutions gives clients access to an international network of skills and thus to top-of-the-line solutions, depending on the type of project, the goods they have to sell or their problem.

Our core business

Food Commodities

We operate in the field of cereals: wheat, rice, corn, soybeans, etc., by putting buyers and sellers in touch with each other. Reserved for large transactional volumes

Precious minerals

We operate in the field of precious minerals (gold, diamonds, copper, etc.) in compliance with international regulations.


We operate in the field of bringing together buyers and sellers in the field of oil, in all its forms: crude or derived products, in compliance with international regulations.

Real Estate

Are you looking to invest in real estate? You want to acquire a real estate complex? A hotel? A business or commercial center?

You want to expand your professional real estate but you can’t/won’t borrow to do so?

Our exclusive partner in this field offers a UNIQUE solution.

Are you looking for a property in France or Belgium? A framework agreement with a network of real estate agencies serving these two countries allows us to carry out a search for you.


In the field of real estate, BtoB communication, international marketing of prestigious properties or large-scale companies, we can provide you with advice and solutions. We also operate in the field of Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ether, …).

Latest activities

In addition, through networks developed in the business world where FCube Solutions operates, we are setting up new services.


Through a network of partners, we can provide companies with access to financing, help project leaders launch their activities, and help investors increase their financial resources in order to finance important projects. We are not financial intermediaries and the solutions proposed by our partners are subject to specific legal and regulated conditions.

Furthermore, the proposed solutions always require a collateral that can provide the financial strength to achieve the leverage. However, the collateral never risks its assets, whether in assets or in cash.


Are you a potential investor with substantial financial resources: assets or cash? You want to invest in innovative and ecological projects? However, you do not want to take risks?

Co invest in joint venture projects!


Why choose us?

Choosing the right consulting firm is like starting a game of chess: you have to start well and always be one step ahead.

FCube Solutions is the result of several years of collaboration between 4 senior international consultants.

Experienced in the fields in which we propose to operate, once you have chosen us, you will understand why your strategy was the right one.



Strong experience in our fields of expertise


Strong complementarity of our "Task Force


Clear service offerings


Network of high-level speakers at the international level


Speakers and correspondents on all continents


Exemplary project follow-up


Frequently asked questions


Are you a financial company?

No. We are not a financial company nor are we financial intermediaries. We are a consulting company and offer a range of services.


You are a young company, created in 2021 ....

Yes, we do. But the consultants who make up the core of this company are all senior experts in their field. They have been working in their field for more than 15 years and have therefore built up a network of high quality consultants on an international level.


What do you guarantee?

Like any service company, we have an obligation of means, not an obligation of results.

Indeed, the final contracts that are signed, for example in the field of commodities, are between the seller and the buyer. Thus, it is not our company which can substitute itself for an obligation of results.

On the other hand, depending on the service you are looking for, our service of putting you in contact guarantees you obligations of result with our partners, who are for the most part regulated, once the contract is signed.


Do you do financial engineering?

Directly, no. But thanks to our activities and our many years of experience, we are able to offer our clients fundraising solutions that are quite discretionary in their set-up and returns. However, it is ALWAYS in a legal and regulated context!


In which countries do you operate?

This depends mainly on the service required. We always apply the laws of the country in which we may be asked to operate. Furthermore, we always apply the international regulations in our fields of intervention.


Can you prove past performance?

Yes and no. Depending on the operations we were able to carry out before the creation of FCube Solutions, we will be able to prove our competence after getting to know our client better (NDA, CIS, etc.). On the operations in progress on FCube Solutions, it will also depend on the type of customer and his request. In the end, the best way to prove our high competence is to entrust us with a mission!

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