Private placement program

The PPP Private Placement Program is part of the trading world…

The PPP is a tool of the trading world.

The word is out! The field of trading is so vast that to claim to know it in its entirety is an aberration.

With this truth in mind, to claim to master this vast and complex field is utopian.

On the other hand, a subfield of Trade is the PPP, Private Placement Program.

It is this tool, mastered by Fcube Solutions’ partners, that allows us to offer exceptional investment solutions in economic projects.


Understanding this field, avoiding the pitfalls, targeting the crooks, securing the transactions, is 15 years spent “sourcing” this process.

So don’t think that we haven’t experienced this field.

These 15 years have allowed us to build a network of reliable partners regulated by the financial authorities.

Once this obstacle course has been completed, the PPP solution appears to be an extremely attractive tool for raising funds.

How ?

Integrating a PPP program requires significant financial resources.

Several solutions exist and remain in the realm of confidentiality.

However, some major rules remain true:

  • The risk for the investor is zero
  • There is NEVER a fee to integrate a PPP
  • all operations are carried out via companies regulated by the monetary authorities of the country where the operation takes place
  • The investor is perfectly informed before committing himself, he can ask all the questions which seem important to him
  • Accessing a PPP is done through an investment contract with the regulated company that proposes the PPP
Why ?

To integrate a PPP is to accept OBLIGATORY to finance an economic project falling within the legal scope of the company which proposes these operations.

The Investing section of our site gives concrete examples.

The procedure, in the broad lines, always obeys this framework.

The investor finances a project through a JVA (Join Venture Agreement).

The investor becomes the collateral of the financing. Indeed, the financial product of the PPP is partly paid back to the investor, which constitutes its profit, a minor part is used to remunerate the intermediaries, finally the biggest part is OBLIGATORY invested in an economic project.

In this case, in an eligible economic project.

This being said, the investor, if he wishes, on a case by case basis, can sometimes also take shares in the companies that develop the project financed by the JVA.

The PPP is a safe route

only if you go through the right people and the right companies. Many fraudulent offers exist …. for examples, you can consult this site.

PPP Private Placement Program


These investment operations are secure because they are regulated by international financial regulatory authorities.


These investment operations are reliable because they are clear and transparent. Everything is explained, the investor who wants to participate is subjected to a due diligence procedure (verification of his profile). The contracts are binding and respected because they are regulated.

Added value

Many investors hold on to their cash and assets because they are afraid of losing their stake through “traditional” investments. This is not the case here. The investor is a collateral and this role exempts him from any danger of financial loss.

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