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Real Estate in 2022 - How to valorize it

Real estate in 2022 – How to valorize it

Whether it is an apartment, a house, a hotel, a mall, a business center, … all real estate has a value and can be used to finance other projects.

Real estate in 2022 – How to valorize it

Of course, this type of property is certainly already exploited: a hotel, a business center, a shopping mall are all examples of real estate that can generate an operating income.

A luxury villa can also be made profitable by seasonal rentals such as Air BNB or other weekly rental websites.

The more geographically well placed the villa is, the more income it will generate.

This being said, the owner, whether an individual or a company, may have additional development projects: renovation, expansion, purchase of another property …

In most cases, he will have to resort to bank credit or the use of his own funds or a combination of both to obtain the credit line he needs for his project.

In most cases, requesting a bank loan will often involve taking out a mortgage on the project owner’s property.

Thus, he will create an additional debt and does not necessarily want to do it or more basically, his outstanding debt does not allow him (bad balance sheet, insufficient income, financial balance considered too risky, …).

Also, other solutions have emerged to allow such fundraising.

They are discretionary and difficult to access.

Real estate in 2022 – How to valorize it


Because they come from another world which is not that of real estate but that of pure finance.

We are not talking here about finance coming from banks via the loan of money or other financial mechanism requiring a lot of guarantees, often contributions, and always being restrictive and refundable.

No, we are talking about solutions that allow you to benefit from recurring income by using your real estate.

This could look like a mortgage loan but it is not.

The solutions used are much more sophisticated and in fact only use the real estate as collateral WITHOUT TAKING ANY GUARANTEE.

However, there are some prerequisites:

  1. the property must have a minimum value of 5M USD (on professional properties, the value of the operating company does not count, we are only talking about the value of the walls).
  2. an updated estimate must be provided in order to prove the value of the property. This estimate must be made by a company whose reliability cannot be questioned.
  3. the property may be mortgaged, but this is not important in the assessment criteria.

If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us or to take a telephone appointment.

Important precision

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